Alizai, NFP supports several projects related to kids education in third world countries, nationally  and locally


All children deserve a chance to learn and experience education without the responsibilities of providing for their families whether they are male or female , irrespective of which geographic location or country they were born in.

They deserve a chance to have a childhood as it is supposed to be for the kids of the first world kis, like my own kids.  

Which household you are born in should not be deciding their fate.

Alizai, NFP (  403 ( B) #       )  supports other NFP in US acheiving the obove objective.

Ask Dr Alizai about opportunities to make a difference either through Alizai, NFP or directly by engaging 

or visit 

Human Development Foundation at

The Citizen Foundation at

Sonia Shah Organization at

Habitat for Humanity at

Ansari Center for Autism at

(Works with children with autism, autism spectrum disorders and other similar disabilities and teaching them life skills plus supports parents to rear such kids )

Rhema Project at 

( Project to put an end to female infanticide, educational and social uplifting of females in a small, remote village in India)














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